Giga AnyWire - Gigabit Speed Over Exist Wires, Any Wire, Any Where

GigaHome solution enables multi-gigabit data distribution throughout the home using existing coaxial cable, powerline or phoneline. This wireline backbone provides multi-gigabit whole-home Wi-Fi coverage and reliability while reducing power consumption and cost.

Home Networking diagram


  • Home Networking
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Cities
  • Factory Automation
  • Smart Grid and Meter

What do we offer?

Your Requirement Can we do?
Whole home coverage up to 1Gbps YES
Support Wi-Fi services YES
Minimized install costs and issues – customer self-install or very simple SP tech install, with no hidden issues such as the neighbors’ networks YES
Extremely reliable service immune to interference – consistent connectivity with no lost packets or connections YES
IP Connectivity – the network must support IP traffic, especially TCP at small and large packet sizes YES
Customer acceptability – unobtrusive looks, low power, easy install, no disruptions to furniture/walls/ambiance YES
Supports current leading services – UHD (4K) with ability to meet next generation (8K) services needs YES
Low latency – for gaming and voice services YES
Security – the technology must be secure from hacking and intrusion YES
Strong home backbone network supporting IoT applications and devices YES
Upgradeable, expandable network YES