IPTV/WiFi Distribution over Existing Cable(Coax or Copper)

FirstMile high-speed coax solution has an impressive performance(up to 1Gbps), is easier to deploy(plug-n-play) and provides substantial CAPEX savings(take advantage of existing coaxial cables and coax splitters) , these increased data rates ensure the access network is future-proof and ready to provide new services such as multi-stream 4K IPTV, cloud-based storage, 802.11ac wireless hotspots.

Solution1: over existing coax cable

IPTV/WiFi Distribution over Coax

Solution2: over existing twisted pairs(phoneline)

IPTV/WiFi Distribution over Copper


  • Extremely Fast 1G solution, Highest Bandwidth
  • Leverage existing infrastructure,No need for rewiring
  • Very Cost-effective solution, Lowest Cost
  • Maximizes ROI (Return of Investment)
  • Reduce risk and downtime
  • Fast Installation with Plug and Play
  • Scalability