Solutions for PCCW(HKT)

Our Products

media converter platform

OnMetro 8200 Platform

10G Media Converter 40G / 100G Transponder OAPS CWDM
media converter platform

OnAccess 2000 Platform

FE/GE Media Converter Multiport Media Converter 40G / 100G Transponder OAPS


Two Channels with one CWDM and one Wideband Four CWDM Channel Passive WDM device Eight CWDM Channel Passive WDM device
Optical transceiver

Optical Transceiver

100G QSFP28 / CFP2 / CFP4 40G QSFP+ 10G SFP+ / XFP CWDM Transceiver


Application1: Distance extension for 100G link, and media conversion for 100GbE ports
  • Cost effective
  • Simple and fast setup
Application2: Extend 40G Connection up to 80 km
  • Cost effective
Application3: Aggregation and Separate GE/FE Service
  • Truly isolated and transparent without any VLAN and MAC address limitation between customers.
  • Protected high reliable fiber links using OAPS, less than 30ms protection switch-over time.
  • Significant cost reduction and excellent fiber utilization compared to CWDM optical multiplexing